Student Organisations


Student Council

The Student Union is a special unit among university bodies. Its central responsibility is to represent the students’ interests.
The Student Union also has an International Team, which is committed to help incoming international students with any trouble they might have. You can contact them at kulugy(at)


Association des Etats Généraux des Etudiants de l’Europe, European Students Network Association
“Közgáz” Campus
AEGEE is present in more than 200 cities with 13 000 members AEGEE’s aims include promoting international mobility, protecting democratic values and human rights, promoting a unified Europe and creating an open-minded society.
In order to achieve these goals, AEGEE organises summer universities, exchange programmes, trainings and conferences. Members of AEGEE-Budapest can attend these events and participate in the organisation’s life, the weekly meetings and community programmes.


AIESEC is the world’s biggest international non-profit organisation which is run by students. It is present in more than a 100 countries, on 1600 universities, with 50 000 members. The profile includes a young, dynamic team, improving their skills and managing the International Internship Programme.
During the AIESEC years, they are going to be able to participate in internships and tasks that allow them to improve and test their theoretical knowledge in practice. The other membership type is the participation in the International Internship Programme. Within this program, they can apply for various internships in 110 countries from all over the world, in the not-for-profit, state or corporate sector. There is a choice of thousands of opportunities in the online system in a number of fields: management, social development, IT and education.

ESN  Erasmus Student Network Corvinus

ESN Corvinus grew out of “Erasmus Working Group”, a team within AEGEE, in 2007, when it was founded as a separate student organisation and joined the ESN network, which is present at 361 European universities.
It is responsible for organising programs for incoming exchange students, helping them to fit in and manage their lives in a foreign country.
The number of incoming exchange students grows every year; at present, it is over 300 per semester. Corvinus University of Budapest is the No. 1 university in Hungary which receives the most exchange students.