aula1853 The School for Practical Gardening
Royal School of Horticulture.
1948 The modern economist training began in 1948, when the Hungarian University of Economics was established as a separate universitas.
1956 A defining personality of this era was Imre Nagy (1876-1958) lecturer of the university, martyred prime minister of Hungary, ember of the HAS and lecturer of agricultural politics (1948-55, 1956).
1968 University of Horticulture was established in 1968.
2000-2003 The Budapest University of Economic Sciences and the College of Public Administration merged.
The faculties of the former University of Horticulture and Food Industry, the traditions of which go back one and a half centuries, joined the institution in September 2003.
2004  The University took on the name “Corvinus University of Budapest” as of September 1 of this year.
2012 The Faculty of Public Administration became the part of the newly established National University of Public Administration. Corvinus University of Budapest operates with 6 faculties from this year.