Corvinus University

Competitive university – outstanding and successful students – future employees with marketable skills

cubCorvinus University of Budapest considers knowledge as the primary value. The university’s motto: My knowledge is my helper. Our university aims to give the utmost help to our candidate students on the long road of acquiring knowledge, in the lifelong process of learning, not only by providing theoretical and practical professional knowledge and skills provision, but also by encouraging them to think and to form independent opinions.
Corvinus University of Budapest is Hungary’s leading university in the fields of business and economics. It is amongst the most recognized higher educational institutions in Central and Eastern Europe, with over 16,000 students studying and over 500 full- time and 200 part-time professors teaching at its 6 faculties. The university has widespread international relations and exchange programs with universities from the US to New Zealand and from Sweden to South Africa. A large number of Hungarian and foreign business and political leaders have Corvinus as their alma mater.

Corvinus University of Budapest traditionally has good relations with the business community.

Our University won the “University of Excellence” award and the “Higher Education Quality Award” in 2010. In 2011 it was chosen as the best network-university, which provides the best international and professional internships. In the same year it received the “Superbrand Title” which is provided for the best brands. Our English-language business programs has been doing well in the Financial Times Ranking which is evaluating European business schools programs.
Foreign universities have entered into a series of cooperation agreements, and we are members of numerous international networks bringing together higher education institutions.
We do everything in order to provide the highest standards of education and marketable degrees for our students

allasborzeThe advantages of studying at Corvinus’ International Study Programs:
Internationally acknowledged diploma from a university that is listed in the Financial Times rankings and represents Hungary in a large number of
exclusive educational networks;
International student body (students from 40-50 countries study at ISP each semester);
Highly qualified, dedicated professors from the international and the Hungarian business world;
International focus, with professors from 9 different countries including the USA and the UK;
Modern resources and facilities;
Numerous study abroad opportunities throughout the world;

A professional management team to assist students in solving any problems encountered in the course of their studies.